Energy ...
is the Essence of Life!

The Inner Sciences

 The Inner Sciences

Empower your Life!

The Inner Sciences Network of Organizations provides Technologies using Subtle Energy to Create Greater Emotional and Physical Well Being in One’s Life.

Through Applying Chi Energy – Students learn to Understand, there is a vast Supply of Unlimited Energy which can help to establish a Solid Equilibrium within the various components of the Body's Physical and Energy Systems - including its Electromagnetic Energy Field and Subtle Bodies.

Feeling Energy can change your Life

For centuries Natural Healers and others have used their hands to "Feel" or "Scan" various kinds of Energies but many people simply have never had a real opportunity to partake in a guided Practice of this ancient Art.

A student may become confident in using their Senses to grasp the multiple kinds of information available to each of us - through more deeply understanding the Nature of Subtle Energy – and through discerning the various nuances in its qualities and forms.

In one Day a Students may learn to Feel and/or Assess the Energies of a person, an Environment and any other factors, which influence their Life’s and they may rapidly continue to vastly improve and refine this important ability to a far greater degree.


Individuals of our generation are often interested in the Practical Aspects involved in developing this Ancient skill – so as to determine - which in a series of goals might be best for them, which products to purchase, which news reports to believe, what time your children may come home from school – and much more!

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