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The Inner Sciences

 The Inner Sciences

Transform your Soul!

The Inner Sciences Intercultural Teachings will rapidly increase one’s understanding of a simple  process that will help to rapidly reach an Internal State of Peace, Contentment and Happiness.

It is through understanding the Practice of these Simple Teachings and the Practice of various Meditations - that Practitioners become filled with Light and Internal Peace and Stillness.

Practitioners who decide to walk on this Compassionate Path to Universal Knowledge & Wisdom - may experience a tremendous downpouring of Spiritual Energy which occurs when a complete System for Spiritual Practices (or Sadhana in Sanskrit) is regularly followed.

When a Practitioner consciously begins to partake in different types of systematic  Practices, their Soul Development leads them to The Path to Arhatship.

Setting ones Soul on Fire Spiritually is done through integrating the multiple Interconnections between different Philosophies and different Religions - into a deeper understanding that respectfully draws a Student’s attention to the multiple similar Aspects between Metaphysical and Religious Traditions.

The Inner Sciences Students regularly renew their Vitality, Awe and Wonder in the Mysteries of Life.

They are led to Access and Awaken the Divine Power within them. This is done through various Series of Exercises, Meditations and other Practices during which Spirituality becomes Experiential and can therefore be integrated into the various areas of one’s normal Life.

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